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Our District

Located in Vernon, Arizona, our single-campus school district is the pulse of this community. As educators and community members, we work together to create a safe learning environment that promotes the desire to learn and succeed.

Our Goals

  • We will provide all students with equal educational opportunities to achieve their individual potential.
  • We will provide all students with the opportunity and support needed to be educated academically and socially as they develop into productive global citizens.
  • We expect all students to become articulate, expressive writers; critical, investigative, recreational readers; and inquisitive problem solvers.
  • We will utilize our rural school setting as the rich, valuable learning and sharing resource that it is.

Shared Responsibilities

District Responsibilities

  • Provide a safe and pleasant learning environment
  • Support lifelong learning in the areas of reading, writing, math, research, respect, responsibility, rights, reasoning, reflecting, and the arts
  • Provide services, resources, and assistance with responsiveness to student needs during regular and extended learning opportunities
  • Keep parents informed of the programmatic, social, and financial situations and support needed for a sound educational program

Parent Responsibilities

  • Provide a private place to read, study, and complete homework 
  • Read to and with their children for at least one hour every day
  • Have open dialog with family members about their daily highlights and lowlights 
  • Ensure their children are punctual and responsible
  • Notify the school when children are absent
  • Make arrangements when children are absent to pick up and complete schoolwork so students do not fall behind
  • Maintain open and productive communication with teachers
  • Allow children to attend extended learning opportunities

Student’s Responsibility

  • Attend school punctually and prepared with proper supplies and assignments
  • Enjoy and allow others to enjoy the ten R's (Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, Research, Respect, Responsibility, Rights, Reasoning, Reflecting, and the aRts)
  • Maintain the attitude of a lifelong learner who has high academic and social standards

Teacher’s Responsibility

  • Manage an effective instructional and assessment program based on Arizona Academic Standards
  • Establish and maintain an environment conducive to learning, including effective citizenship and socially appropriate behavior
  • Model and maintain an attitude of a lifelong learner
  • Keep open and productive communication with parents and the community